La’ Bodacious Boutique

La’ (The) Grand Opening will be May 3rd – 5th 2012.

On Thursday April 5th 2012 the first day of a new store (Boutique) opened at 33 West Main St. Santaquin Utah… One month later…  La’ (The) Grand Opening will be held May 3rd – 5th 2012.  After several months of planning, preparations, and construction, the owner Tanya Teams has brought this Boutique to life. After a trial run in the Boutique business with a successful Christmas Boutique in Santaquin called “The Big Bodacious Christmas Boutique”, held at C. S. Lewis Academy.  Tanya and I (her husband David) decided it would be foolish of us not to open a full time store in southern Utah County. We decided on a nice little storefront on Main St. in Santaquin Utah.

La’ Bodacious Boutique LLC takes their mission statement very seriously.

Mission Statement: “We offer trendy, handmade, unique, gifts, accessories and décor to our customers. At the same time striving to provide affordable, upscale, retail space for local Entrepreneurs, Artisans, and Homemakers, with a goal to help improve lives, households, and families.”

 “Families Helping Families” is part of your warm and welcoming greeting as you walk through the front door where it is written.

Helping others is the only way to be successful in this life and the life to come. If a project or business, or what ever your endeavor is, helps others then it is honorable work. And if it helps your family and your self in the process it should be undertaken and strived for diligently; or so we believe.  Putting others first seems risky, and in the eyes of many, it may not be a wise way to conduct a business.  However, it is our belief that it’s what makes any service or company stand out in the minds and hearts of those it touches. The best places to dine, shop or get work done on our cars or other services rendered are those special places where we actually feel that the owners care about us above our dollars.  These are the places that we return to often, and tell our family and friends about too. This is what makes the customers happy and in turn makes the company very successful.

La’ Bodacious Boutique LLC is in business for the community; to better our area and all of the families it serves. Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Santaquin, we helped to bring back to life a beautiful old building. This building was saved from a wrecking ball a few short years ago when the landscape of this block, changed forever. I am not saying that the change is bad; progress is what makes our economy grow. The new businesses and apartments are now as important to Santaquin as any of the other places that we all frequent in our busy lives.

Downtown Santaquin is just five minutes away from the new LDS Temple being built in Payson. The area has taken on new life and is already growing at an exceedingly fast rate in comparison to most of the country.   It will be difficult for us as citizens in these small Utah communities to comprehend, the changes the future will bring.


The comments from our customers and vendors speak for themselves.

“La’ Bodacious Boutique. Is a very fun and Unique store tucked away in the small town of Santaquin Utah It has lots of fun and exciting things with very nice and friendly hometown owners”

Aimee G. Santaquin, UT


      “I am so very proud to be a vendor at La’ Bodacious Boutique in Santaquin Utah. The moment I walked in my heart filled with love and joy. Tanya and David have put so much passion, love, and creativity into their beautiful store! There is so much variety! So much Talent! And Tanya and David’s “Families Helping Families” approach is so wonderful! I Love it! I enjoy the beautiful drive from Sandy, Utah Where I live. There is always something new and exciting at “La’ Bodacious Boutique”

Patti Buchanan Barlow - Moonvine Organics - Sandy Utah


      “As a vendor in La’ Bodacious Boutique, I feel very honored to be part of such a talented and wonderful group of people. The variety in this wonderful little store is amazing. As a customer or as a vendor, Tanya and David are absolutely amazing and great to work with. This store is a must see for everyone.”

Jared Willoughby – One of a Kind Woodworking, Delta, Utah


“La’ Bodacious Boutique”, the very best boutique in all of Utah, hands down! Seriously some of the most gifted and talented crafters of our time! You will not regret taking a moment to come and see what talent this boutique offers!”

Laura Palfreyman – Springville, Utah


      “I love how La’ Bodacious Boutique is all about families helping families and supporting our local crafters. It’s given me the opportunity to get my name out there and sell my crafts to help supplement my family’s income. Almost everyone that comes in, comments on how much they love the store. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people in the past couple of weeks. Santaquin is such a friendly community!

I’m excited I get to be a part of this Awesome fun new store!!!

Shelly Erickson – Shelly’s Creations – Payson, UT

       “La’ Bodacious Boutique is super fun & unique, it also has great atmosphere, everyone is always so sweet, and are very talented.

I highly recommend stopping in, it is well worth the drive and you will leave with a smile and some of the cutest Unique Handmade gifts and more” 
Karen John (Star Chic’) – Spanish Fork UT

     After several months of planning, preparations, and construction, the The Teams Family have brought this cute and fun Boutique to life. We welcome all to come, enjoy the festivities and help your community, and the families trying to better themselves. Buy a few items to cherish, and a wonderful gift for Mothers Day.

La’ (The) Grand Opening will be held May 3rd – 5th 2012.

Ribbon Cutting will be at 12 Noon on May 3rd with The Chamber of Commerce and the City of Santaquin.

Many fun and exciting things are planned for all three days, including balloons, glitter art and face painting available for the kids. There will be gifts, prizes, glitter toes, special treats and more.

Don’t forget the best part – A HUGE SALE!



David Teams

Santaquin Utah


La’ Bodacious Boutique LLC

With all the fun, we have to posted for sometime here in an update and part of the reason for lack of input. Sorry to anyone that has followed us and expected more.

See this email/Facebook post!

Yes we are slow getting this going. In Our Defense we are STILL waiting on the LLC we applied for from Legal Zoom… 
We paid for rush service (7-10 days) on Jan 19th as you can tell that time frame is NOT real.
Maybe it’s just us? 
After many hours on hold, we finally found out they LOST our application, and the State (Utah) never received it.
Legal Zoom is giving us back $70, to make up for the inconvinance. How Nice!!! 
We have the store paid for,and we are making plans on how to work around not having the Name, tax ID or Bank accounts to work with. 
This is only a temporary set back and we will be up and running very soon, well ASAP.
Sorry for any problems we have created. 
This is not the way we will be doing business, and we will not use the legal zoom company again.


We have Much work to be done and we are working toward a new opening day. 
One of our goals is making an older building look the part of a upscale boutique. 
Part of the charm of this, is the age of the building.  
We have 4 very big windows in the front of the store for advertising, or sales…  
These also have great natural light, and the old wood floors are a treasure for sure.  
The plan is to have many booths, cubbies, shelves, racks, stands… at affordable prices so everyone will find the right place and price to sell their products an make money.

We know this is not just our store but OUR store!!!

Thank you for your patients and interest, in “La’ Bodacious Boutique”  

Tanya and David Teams 

Life is a Journey

OrThe Right Place


Finding the right place to work and to live or even go to the gym can be challenging at best. Everyone selling or leasing thinks they have the best place to be. (Or they say they do!) When a person, family, or company s decides on a price that they fell comfortable paying they the task is to find suitable place to hang your hat or your tile, or whatever you need to hang to feel like its your space or space.

We are looking for retail space to run at least one business from, most likely 3 business. So how much space is needed now and in the near future. What is too much space and how much is to little. What are the neighbors like (Good question no matter what your doing, buying, leasing, home, apartment, warehouse, or retail.) We are looking at retail so do the others in the area do retail too? Will you draw customers to them and better will they draw customer to you? Do you sell high-end merchandise and they sell high end products and or services, or does one sell tires and the other sell high fashion clothing (not a good fit) So we are looking at a higher end area to sell unique hand made, home made, and artisans products, in a boutique setting like the Christmas boutique we held in December. Looking for suitable digs has presented to be a challenge, specifically because of the demographics of the area where we live. (Somewhat rural.) So now we may need to move closer to where ever we decide to operate our boutique.

We now have to consider the fact they we will need to deal with Real Estate Brokers/agents, bureaucrats, land holders, lawyers and many more people both professionals and non. Everyone looking out for their own interests first. (Not everyone understands helping others get what they need is the way to being successful.) Meeting with many people in the process adds to the stress and the fun. Building and strengthening relationships, may just make life long friends and business associates.

“Life is a journey Not a Destination.”  Never felt truer then now.

Now I need to get back to work and do what I have said I will do. Find suitable place to work from and maybe move our family to a new town or city, and get on with life, as we know it. (In constant flux.) Finding the right place to work and to live is front and center on the agenda for maybe week or months to come. Follow us on our journey, and see where life takes us, and what happens next. Life really is a journey!

David Teams





The Big Bodacious Christmas Boutique

On Saturday December 3rd 2011 at C.S. Lewis Academy 364 N. SR 198 Santaquin Utah 84655 will be held the first annual event called… “The Big Bodacious Christmas Boutique”


The Idea of this was conceived by a local artist and businesswomen Tanya (Lowe) Teams. Her company is called “Nebo Brainstorm Designs” of Santaquin Utah she also owns and, she creates signs for local businesses, auto graphics, wall art, and gifts. The constructing of gifts can be time consuming but, an additional avenue of income for her family, as she is also a stay at home Mom. Juggling, a 6yr old and a 4yr old and several business ventures can be a lot of fun and a big challenge for the whole family.


There are many people here in Utah with similar, stories to tell. There are many Moms wanting to contribute to the income of the home, but also wanting to be in their homes for the children. There are many options advertised for work at home Moms, but this one actually seems to be working, in a lot of households. Many of these folks find hobbies, crafts, art, and business opportunities to help the households’ bottom line while spending most of their time with the families that they love. There is a great need here in Utah and other places as well, for these adventurous entrepreneurs, artisans, crafters and hobbyists to be able to sell their wonderful products.


“The Big Bodacious Christmas Boutique” was created for this very purpose. Giving these people an avenue in which to sell their wares, to neighbors, friends, and fellow Utahans here in Southern Utah County. The Boutique is also brought to pass to fill the need for a Great location, (C. S. Lewis Academy) At an excellent price, on one of the best weekends, in the busiest month for shopping of the year.


Many of the Artisans, Crafters and Vendors create hand made, homemade, and one of a kind items that are not found in ordinary department stores, if in stores at all. Some of the Artists are even able to personalize an item or create a one of a kind, special gift, at your specific directions, to fulfill your specific needs. And nothing beats a gift with this much thought and care. “The Big Bodacious Christmas Boutique” has vendors from many areas here in Utah, some closer then others.

~ Jose and Maria Cerritos of Lehi Utah,  They sell Women’s accessories some are homemade.

~ Elizabeth Vidal of Orem Utah, told me her kitchenware; crafts, jewelry, and baby things are always, “Affordable”.

~ Chester and Sheryl Milburn of Spanish Fork Utah, have supplemented their family income for years by selling Watkins, and Fuller Brush, now they have changed gears and started helping families get better prepared with emergency items, food storage and of course family preparedness. (Books, training, consulting…) They still sell Watkins and Fuller Brush as well.

~ Kelley Coleman of Provo, Utah, and Sherilyn Houle of Salt Lake City, Utah, make and sell custom made jewelry. Kelley says they make everything from earrings to bracelets and necklaces to watch bands. These ladies also sell their items in Richfield, Price and Salem Utah.

~ Kent and Shelly Erickson “Shelly’s Creations” of Payson Utah sell hand made jewelry, with hand made beads and charms. This is very time consuming and very unique. They love to get out, into the public for others to appreciate the uniqueness of such items. They have been known to have small treats for sale at their booth, made from chocolate or some other tasty things.

~ Many other Artists and Crafters have items like, Goats Milk Soaps and Lotions, Shoes, Jeans, Home Décor, Food, Face Painting, Glitter Toes, Nails, Pampering products and more things to see and taste, buy and cherish, then we can list here.


The big guy… Santa himself will be there from 1pm to 3pm, with candy canes for the kids. So bring those letters and lists, for Santa – (don’t forget your camera – we welcome parents capturing those special moments)


There are several Craft fairs and Boutiques around Christmas time, and other times though out the year, but none of them will compare to “The Big Bodacious Christmas Boutique” at C.S. Lewis Academy on December 3rd In Santaquin Utah.

“Your New Holiday Tradition”


David Teams

Husband of, and Mandatory Free Labor

For, Tanya (Lowe) Teams










The Big Bodacious Christmas Boutique

We have been invited by our friends at “Tag It Vinyl” to attend a Christmas Boutique. This is exciting for us, as we love to talk about our products. Pass It On Cards are still very new, not even a year old. Letting others know about our cards is so exciting. Nice-2B-Nice never gets old. Making others smile with a greeting card that can travel “The World” is even more awesome.

The Christmas Boutique will have over 50 Vendors, Crafters, and Artisans. I here Santa Claus will even be showing up, meeting all the Children, collecting all those letters to Santa, and passing out candy canes. The festivities with Santa will be 1pm to 3pm and the Boutique will commence at 10am and run until 6pm.

Sometimes Wal-Mart, Macys, JC Pennies and the others don’t have the gifts we really love. Specialized gifts that companies like Tag It Vinyl design and create can’t be sold in big chain stores. We will be making our cards available too. Getting a gift pack of “Pass It On Cards” in your Christmas stocking, will make Christmas giving go on for many more days,

 “The Big Bodacious Boutique”

CS Lewis Academy

364 State Road 198.

Santaquin Utah, 84655

Saturday December 3rd 2011

The Boutique advertises having Unique, Personalized and one of a kind gift. There is even gifts for that hard to buy for person on your list. Also boasted to be the first annual event, and patrons are reminded that they just may want to “Make This Your New Christmas Tradition”

We hope to see everyone there. Just ask us for your free card or buy a pack of 5, 10, 20, or more at our display.

David Teams





October 11, 2011


Risky Business

I think most people know that being in business is “Risky Business” Not like the movie with Tom Cruise and the “Work from home brothel” but REAL RISK. The kinds of risk that can make you loose your home and end up on the streets. The kind of risk most people can’t seem to take. So how is it that some people can? How is it some of us need to rise above the crowd and do something as risky as being a business owner, entrepreneur? They are real Gamblers risking it all. Not the people that think they are gamblers, going to casinos and playing “games” that make the casino owners richer, real gamblers. These business owners risk everything sometimes, all on a “good idea”. I would like to look at two different mindsets, employees and employer’s to see how they differ.

First as I feel we all start this way, the mindset of “the worker”.  I need or want money. How do I get money? I need to get a job. What can I do? (Job skills) Who will hire me? What will they be looking for in an employee? You may even think, (and maybe not, looking at some of the people with tattoos on their faces and necks… and other places) how will I fit in, and will I be an asset to an employer and or company.

Since I’m not writing (this time) about getting a job, I’ll move on to I have a job, maybe even a not so bad job. Maybe one that pays the bills and gives me some extra cash to spend on the weekends. Now we are in a comfort zone. A regular steady income maybe a car, motorcycle, boat, and or house payment.  Who knows?  But it’s comfortable.

At some point the job starts to not be able to give the lifestyle we may want or even need. I hate my boss, I hate my job, I don’t have enough money for all the toys I want, or I have enough money but not enough time to enjoy it. Most have more then one of these issues. So it’s time to think… Perhaps I can be the boss. I can do what he or she does. Long lunches lots of business trips (some with the family) some toys and a nice big house on the hill, or in my world here in Utah, in the mountains or at least on the bench looking down on all the little people. Or so their employees think.

The second group of people… Business owners and Entrepreneurs

So you have a good idea or a skill that will make you a millionaire, do you? That’s great news, now what? Do you have the guts to walk away from your job? Today? Is your skill the same skill you use at your job? Did you sign a non-compete contract? All good questions, so what are the answers?

If you decide to open a business and sell something, or you want to make something that is a great idea. Or maybe you have that great idea that will sell itself… even better. Are you quitting your job? Will you have enough income to support yourself and maybe a family for the next one to three years? If not, and your keeping your job for now, how much time do you have to put into your idea, or your business? Then the resources, what do you have for working capital, desks, computers, printers, ink, paper, pens, employees,  space to work in, tools, vehicles, gas, insurance… and the list goes on.

Being a business owner and an entrepreneur is very risky business. So why do people do it… The media today says all business owners are greedy rich guys. But businesses go under everyday. The media also says that these rich business owners need to pay their “fair share” of taxes. But they really are paying the lion’s share. Now people are marching in the streets protesting against everything, because they don’t have what they need and want? I don’t know, but it seems politically generated to me.

What makes someone really want to put them selves out there, hire people and make something that may or may not sell?  What makes a person leave the comfort zone and do something so radical as to own their own business? I think it just might be that they think differently then the other guy. They are more like, “the explores of old,” they are risk takers and adventurers, they know they will never be happy unless they try, even if they fail. They want to go down fighting, even to the end. They see something others don’t, and they will overcome their fears and do all they can to succeed. This Risky Business has people risking even their homes, families and friends, with a hope and a dream and really big “..”

David Teams






How To Safely Remove Your Old Vinyl Graphics…


You will want to follow the directions very closely.  We are Not liable for any botched applications, removals or injury.

 Removing Vinyl is fairly easy but unfortunately if you do it incorrectly, you may damage the surface.  It’s very important to be careful & always a good idea to have an extra set of hands whenever possible.

Tools you should have before starting:

~Goof Off, Rapid Remover, WD-40 (or other adhesive remover – check to ensure compatibility with your surface)

~Exacto Knife

~Clean Water

~Blow Dryer

~Time (it can take a while)

~Paper Towel


~Clean Wash Cloth


The first thing you will want to do is to make sure your supplies are close at hand.  Our suggestion is to use the blow dryer to heat the graphic.  Then use your fingernails (if possible) or an Exacto knife & very carefully pick at a HOT corner of the graphic until it starts to come off.  Once a piece of the graphic is up, slowly pull it & use the blow dryer to heat it as you go.  If that piece rips, find another spot to start again.  Keep it up until the graphic is completely removed. Once it is removed, there will usually be an adhesive residue that is left over.  You will want to use the adhesive remover to get it off.  It usually works really well & we suggest Goof Off, but hear that the others work just as well.  Once the residue has been removed use the water & soap to wash & rinse the surface.  Be sure to be careful when using the exacto knife, We are not liable for any injury or damage & you don’t want to hurt yourself.  J  Plus if you are not careful it might scratch your surface area. When removing Interior Vinyl from an Interior wall you will usually be able to pull it right off without any tools & DO NOT use the adhesive remover on the walls, it will not need it.  Interior vinyl removes easily without leaving any residue. 


We hope that you have enjoyed your graphic!  Please see us at for all of your future vinyl graphic needs (or wants).

 Thank You

Tag It Vinyl


Tag It Vinyl

PO Box 1422 Spanish Fork, UT 84660








How To Apply Your New Vinyl Graphics








You will want to follow the directions very closely.  We are Not liable for any botched applications, removals or injury. However, if you do run into a problem, we will be happy to give you a replacement graphic at a discounted price plus shipping (if applicable).


Applying Vinyl is fairly easy but it can get messed up very easily too.  Once the adhesive side of the graphic touches the surface, it is usually too late to remove it without ruining the graphic.  Thus – it’s very important to be careful & always a good idea to have an extra set of hands whenever possible.


Tools you should have before starting:

~Your Vinyl Graphics

~Masking Tape

~Clean Water


~Exacto Knife


~Isopropyl Alcohol

~Liquid Dish Soap

~Paper Towel or Clean dry Cloth

~Squeegee or Similar (ie:credit card, popcicle stick)

~Measuring Tape & Level (if you have one)

~An Extra Set of Hands (if Possible)

~Application Spray — Fill a Spray Bottle with Water & a few drops of liquid dish soap (Wet Application Only)


 Start With a Clean Surface: Cleaning the surface is extremely important to ensure a smooth application & a long life for your graphic. All surfaces are contaminated to some degree.  You will want to get the surface as clean as you can.  Our suggestion is to wash the surface well with Dish Soap & Water.  Make sure you rinse it thoroughly with clean water.  Next we suggest to wipe the area with Isopropyl Alcohol followed by another quick rinse with water.  Finally dry the area completely with a CLEAN lint free cloth or paper towel. You can skip the alcohol step for applications on interior walls or surfaces that may be harmed by using it.


Temperature Recommendations: Surface Temperatures should be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit before starting the application procedure. As a general rule, if the surface is hot to the touch it’s over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Applying the graphics when it’s too hot or cold can make it much more difficult to apply & possibly cause undesired results.


Application Procedures:  You can choose to apply vinyl in one of two ways; Dry Application or Wet Application.  Applying vinyl graphics Dry is the ONLY way to apply graphics for Interior Wall applications (Interior Vinyl is different then Exterior). The Dry application method  is also perfect for small (peel n stick) graphics. In most cases, dry application does not allow for any mistakes. Remember – Once the vinyl touches the surface, there is usually no chance of removal without graphic damage. Dry application also can leave more bubbles then the wet application. But it is usually a quicker process and for small designs or interior walls it’s definitely the best option.   For other applications, the dry method may still be used. Applying your Vinyl Graphics with the Wet Method may be the best way to start if you are a begginner or if you want to ensure a smoother process.  The wet Application uses application spray.  The spray allows you the opportunity to remove and reposition your vinyl for a up to 5 minutes.  This is also a good choice for accumulation of less bubbles.


WET APPLICATION (Auto or Large Glass or Metal Surfaces Only):

Think of your Vinyl Graphic as a 3 layer sandwhich the bottom layer is white or light blue and is like a wax paper.  The next layer is the vinyl itself.  The front side is usually glossy & the back side is the adhesive side.  The top layer is the transfer tape. It May be clear or a semi-transparent white color. To start the application, lay the vinyl graphic on a hard, flat surface.  Use the squeegee & rub the graphic well to help ensure every piece of it sticks to the transfer tape.  Once that is done, spray the surface thouroughly with the application spray.  Then slowly peel the top layer (the transfer tape) away from the bottom layer.  You will see that the vinyl has stuck to this layer.  Be careful to ensure that every piece sticks to the transfer tape. If any piece wants to stay put, rub it some more to get it to stick to the transfer tape.  You want the entire graphic on the transfer tape & the bottom wax paper level to be clear.  Once the graphic has adheared to the Transfer tape, you can spray the sticky side with the application spray.  Both the graphic & the surface should be wet at this point. At this point you will flip the graphic over so the sticky & wet side is on the surface. Make sure the placement is just right.  Use your measuring tape, your level, & your eyes until you have it placed exactly where you want it.  At this time you should dry the area around it well enough to use the masking tape to hold it in the correct position. Do not stretch the vinyl during the application as it will cause end lift. Now is the time to use your squeegee or similar item.  You will want to start the squeegee from the middle & move in a straight line horizontal or vertical.  The squeegee is used to remove the excess fluid and any air from behind the vinyl.  Make certain that you use the squeegee very well – you want the vinyl to stick perfectly to the surface. It is a good idea to let the graphic set for 5-10 minutes before removing the transfer tape.  During this time, may we suggest that you use a dry cloth or paper towel to help remove any excess water solution.

Next you will be removing the transfer tape. When removing the transfer tape, always start in one corner & pull it slowly, back onto itself, at a 180-degree angle. We find that moving it back & forth in small movements helps to release the tape.  Once the transfer tape is removed you will be able to see & admire your new graphic. At this time, finish drying any left over water & if there are any Visible Bubbles, they should be punctured using a pin. If you need to trim or cut any piece of the graphic, please use caution.  Only use a very sharp knife or exacto blade & very little pressure.  We are not liable for any injury & you don’t want to hurt yourself.  J



Please read the above instructions.  The only differences in the two application procedures is the fact that there is no water used.  Instead, you will want to tape the full graphic into place (all 3 layers).  Get it placed just the way you want it & then use the tape as a hinge to keep it in place as you remove the wax paper backing. Remember to be very careful because if any part of the graphic hits the surface at this point, it will instantly stick.  Just pull the backing off slowly & then lay the graphic down smoothing it as you go.  Always try to smooth in one direction.  Once the vinyl is completely attached to the surface, use your squeegee to smooth it out & help remove the air bubbles. Then slowly remove the transfer tape as explained above.  You will absolutely get bubbles – everyone does (even the pros).  Just do your best to Pop them with a pin. They are usually so small that they are not noticed.  And the pin helps to release the air so that most of them become invisible.

 If you do not feel comfortable applying the graphic yourself, we do offer application as a inexpensive service for our local customers. 


You can also check U-Tube videos as there are many out there that show you exactly how it’s done.

And now…  Enjoy your new vinyl graphic for many years to come…  J


Tanya … Tag It



Posting and Comments – On Blogs


To write in a blog or, to write a blog post, it is not a hard thing to do. All one really needs is an idea. (Some might have a problem with this first step but I have complete confidence in the majority of us.) With an idea firmly in hand… or mind, go ahead and make some notes on what you may want to say.  I’m not here to tell anyone how to write, only to make the point that it isn’t a very difficult thing to do.


The first real point I have is – how hard is it to understand someone (a person that owns their own business) may have the ability to write a blog post, without the help of a professional. All one needs to do is put down their thoughts into sentences as I spoke of in the first paragraph. Maybe this is easier said then done, and maybe I don’t make sense sometimes, but I do seem to pass the editorial review I have in place. (No one is perfect.)


The second point and maybe the most important is that if anyone would want a comment posted, they would be wise, NOT to insult the blog, or the company or the person writing the blog. Many people comment so as to have the back-link for something they maybe into, or someone they are working for. How is it someone in this position or circumstance would not see being negative or even insulting would be unwise. If I wanted a good back-link, I would compliment and add something to the conversation, like other wise people and companies do.


The third point I have goes hand in hand with the first two… If all you do in your comment is advertise your product or service, without any other comments on our post, what is in it for the blog or us? How many times do I hit the Spam button on comments that have nothing but Advertising for some other company… What a waist of time and effort for all of us. Do these SEO companies really have everyone believe that SPAM works? Who is paying them for the crap no one is reading or publishing anyway? Also you need to use some original words and Ideas; if I see the same thing over and over I will not post your comment more then a few times. I get board too…


My forth point… Does SEO work? I think it does, if someone can do as they say. There are so many companies that offer SEO services, how is it we believe they all can have us on page one of all the search engines in a few short weeks? If we are all on page one, who is on the other pages? I understand that there are many categories but how is it really possible? Now paying for a “computer program” that does the work, how does that work? Or does it? If someone can enlighten me please send me a comment anytime. I would like to know how legit this is. My first thought is all the garbage I get in my comments inbox comes from some automated SEO program.


The fifth and final point, is how to get posted, (on our blog) Massage my ego, it’s always works for me. Tell me how smart I am, how you like my writing style. Tell me how you enjoyed what I said, how much it will, and has changed your life for the better… Maybe that’s too much, but you get what I mean. Most people need to feel good about their work so make them/me feel good. Then if you have something to say or a link to promote I will be more then pleased to do something for you. Life is about relationships and sharing. If you want one you have to be worth the time of the other person… Or you have to be the kind of (friend/company/associate) you would like to have. The Golden Rulerules!!!


Now when we have original ideas we need to let them out… I do it here and you may too, if you are the kind of person, company, associate, business partner, others like me would be proud to call a friend…


Thank You

David Teams,

Nebo Brainstorm Design, Pass It On Cards Tag It Vinyl








Agency – Free to Choose, or To Act?

We all have choices to make… We all have free agency, is there a wrong choice? What is better? Is it a learning experience or improvement? Are our choices really our own, or is there some, predetermined outcome? If I choose one way over another was it my choice or am I a puppet to some unseen master? How is it all of us wonder, some or all of these questions, at least sometime in their life.


I wonder if when we really get a bad feeling about something we are about to do, that stops us in our tracks, is this from life experiences? Maybe we have Guardian Angels? Maybe humans have a way they can calculate outcome, strategies and other conclusion. Just maybe, it’s all of the above. We have many ways to figure out outcomes, from reading, learning from others experiences… And maybe a small voice that says STOP very loud, in our heads but very soft as no one but us hears it! Maybe the voice is from a relative long gone to the other side, or one not yet born? Many people, and many religions, believe in past life, after life, next life, do you?


I know that in my past I have had many things happen to me that I know with out any doubt that I am looked after from the other side. I have been warned, scared, threatened, coaxed, inspired, and comforted, from others that I don’t know where they hail from, except by how they make me feel. Our Dog knows about people and what they are like from instinct, or something. I believe we have that too. Ever have a bad feeling about someone you just met? Like get away now feeling… I have had that happen to me, but my wife has more, is she more sensitive then I, yes I believe so.


So do we have agency to make decisions for ourselves, yes I think so, it appears that way to me. Can we make wrong decisions? Yes, but are they wrong or chances to learn. If we make right decisions is it luck or inspiration or have we learned form past experiences? I would say yes, all the above. I believe we all have potential for something great. Many of us will never fulfill our potential, due to fear, or lack of faith in one self. I hope this helps us all make better decisions, listen to that small voice, and think ourselves better then maybe we thought before today. We all have choices to make, make them wisely. We are agents unto ourselves to be free and to choose… Free Agents


Thank you, as always.

David Teams


Today 9/11/2011 Ten Years After

9/11 Ten Years After

9/11 – Ten years after we still remember our lost, our fallen, and our pain. We remember where we were, how we felt and how the world changed. Now we are determined not to let evil men, affect our lives again, even though we will always know they have. We Thank God, and everyone that have the resolved to make a better world and not given up.


This is so very important for everyone, most of all, for those so closely affected by the passing of a loved one. These citizens of the United States, and The World are now our heroes. They will NOT be forgotten. All those who help us to remember them, and also those standing steadfast to protect us today are heroes also. With all we know now and all we have learned we will never be the same after this tragedy.


Thank You

David Teams

Putting the Fun Back, in Fundraising


Putting the Fun Back, in Fundraising.  With out “FUN”, it is only raising money. Which is good, but not great. With Vinyl Graphics your, Club, School, Team, etc. will enjoy easy profits and fun. All without sugar, fat, or any other adverse affect of most fundraising items… Another advantage of using Vinyl Graphics to raise money is that, others buy your customized logo (or whatever you choose) and continuously advertise your organization for possibly years to come. We only use high quality vinyl, rated for over 5yrs – even on outside applications. (Cars, Signs, Doors, Windows…) You always choose what the “TAG” will look like (size, shape, style, color.) Every order is custom made just for you. We mostly sell 6”x6” (5.5 x 5.5) or 4” x 11” (3.5 x 10.5) This keeps the costs down for your customers. This in turn, naturally increases sales, and ultimately leads to a much higher profit for you. (Other sizes are always available) We love to work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout every step of the process.

Oh!!! and Did I mention – No Out of Pocket Costs – Never!

With Tag It Vinyl you will not pay for your order until after the products are pre-sold. (Unless you order a few extra for late sales) You will have the money in hand before the order is actually placed. This makes your worries nonexistent, stress free and fun! Everyone that is out selling your “TAGS” will have a pre-approved copy of any tags that they are selling. This makes it so there will be no surprises for anyone. Looking after you, is our number one goal. We Love to help you make the money you need, and make you happy. Happy customers are repeat customers, they tell their friends, families and business associates about their experiences. We also love and welcome referrals.

We have special “Thank You” incentives for anyone bringing us business as a referral. We like to think of ourselves as being a part of your team! We are only happy when you are happy.

For more information you may contact us anytime at or by Email at – Thank You

David Teams Sales, Marketing Manager,

Tag It Vinyl, and

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to send a bulk e-mail out to let you all know that I have changed e-mail accounts for my vinyl graphics business…
Tag It Vinyl is a division of my company Nebo Brainstorm Designs.  I also run Pass It On Cards as a separate division of NBD.  So I keep busy…
I wanted to make sure that you all have access to my new e-mail address along with the new website.  The store is still under construction – but the website can be found at
If you need any vinyl graphics, please feel free to contact me directly through this e-mail, phone or the contact us form on my website.  I’m always happy to create something special just for you.  We are also going to be offering fundraising options if any of you are looking.  No out of pocket costs, No SUGAR (not cookies, candy or chocolate), very easy to sell, free advertising, inexpensive items & a high financial return!  Again contact us for details.
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Have a Great Labor Day!
Tanya Teams
Owner – NBD/Tag It Vinyl

Friends Forever


The smallest things for another we do

May make a friend, forever that’s true

A smile a laugh, and or a helping hand

May change a life in a far away land


Being true to self and caring for others

Brings people together, so they become brothers

Whenever we’re trying to make a new friend

Is sometimes when we may just offend


With friendship and love and other things too

When not really looking, a friend we find true

Going about our lives and helping and giving

We are able to see others and then we are living


Because the smallest things we do for another

We will make a friend, there is like no other

A smile and a laugh and or a helping hand

Makes a friend that’s forever, one that is grand


David Teams






Free 3 Pack of – “Pass It On Cards” 

For a limited time Everyone that signs up on our website, to add and track cards, will be able to get a free 3 Pack of  “Pass It On Cards” This is to help celebrate our new, easy to use website. This promotion is for new users, that haven’t visited our site before, or haven’t registered cards before. Our goal is to get some cards into peoples hands, so they will be able to give them out and enjoy them. Tell your families and friends, we would love to give out thousands of cards. The quantities are limited so please hurry. You don’t want to miss out on this, our cards are becoming very popular and this promotion wont last forever.

Lots of people offer free stuff I know… This is truly free… We even pay the shipping in the USA. That’s right we will give you 3 “Pass It On Cards” and pay the shipping!!!

No we wont loose our shirts… (I Hope) This is part of our marketing plan, to give out a certain number of cards to let people see and enjoy them. Nice 2B Nice starts with us, It’s not just a saying with us at “Pass It On Cards” its how we roll… as they say!!!

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David Teams – Pass It On Card

Change the World… With a Smile

Change the World, with a Smile… Does this even seem possible? Can a simple thing like a smile do anything, but make people think you’re happy? Is being happy a good thing? Is a smile contagious like a yawn? I will say, to all the above, YES!!! A smile is very contagious. Be very careful with using it you may force one on someone not wanting too, or even feeling like smiling. When my oldest daughter Becky was small she would get a grumpy looking face, mad or angry about something, like bedtime… Just smiling at her and asking her if there was a smile hiding inside, would make her smile. We would say, “I see a smile in there.” This would make her smile even more. Becky knew we could get her to smile and she would fight it, but as we smiled at her and looked real close, we would find that smile and it came out like a bright sunny day… Even at bedtime!!!

What does it really take to change the world? An Idea! If that idea was to be nice, and to smile, would that not be a good one? I would like to think being nice, on it’s own would make the world a better place. Now add a smile, together they are even more powerful. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone felt this way? Our days would be better if we all made a little more effort to be nicer. Not role over and play dead nice, or nice at all costs. Just a Smile, maybe a Please, and Thank You, would be nice! It seems that the words, “Your Welcome” have been changed to a grunt of some kind. I wish we all could remember, that a grunt is not, “You are very welcome!” or, “Your welcome.” These few words sound so much nicer.

Ok off my soapbox and back to changing the world… Smiles are what make people know you are happy, happy to see them, happy your alive. A smile has so much power it makes people want to be around you, maybe even listen to what you say, as long as it is positive. (Negativity never gets followers for long.) I don’t even know if you can be a negative person and be smiling all the time. When it comes right down to it, the world you will change with a smile is… Your world!  If the world changes from your smile, (and I know it will) it’s your fault… Congratulations. Now go out and prove me wrong, or right, just see what happens when you smile… Change the World!!!

David Teams 

My Dad…

Gerald Hardy Teams.

London, Ontario, Canada

12/4/1930 – 7/31/2011


My Dad, loved life. He loved to laugh in his own special way, kind of like Santa. He loved food, it was as if food made him feel he was in heaven, or maybe spend a few moments there each day. He was never afraid of work, ever. I don’t know if I ever met anyone that liked work like he did, and he proved this in his actions. When I was young I would go to work with him sometimes, on sales calls. His clients loved him even if he had trouble ending a conversation and letting them get back to their  own work. Dad knew his trade… He was the go to guy in most places he worked for many years… The only complaint an employer would have is that he was habitually late…he didn’t think it was a problem as he would work 10 or 12 hour days. His lateness made me desire punctuality in all my endeavors… unless I chose to be late… like to a wedding or my own funeral.


My love for hockey came from Wednesdays and Saturday night watching the Leafs play on the CBC. I think the fondest memories I have, when I was young was the trips we took to Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. His Aunt From Oshawa, had season tickets and we got a pair almost every year. I remember seeing the Leafs playing the Red Wings and seeing Davey Keon, Ron Ellis, Norm Ulman and Gordy Howe play. Almost every year another Aunt would let us use her cottage in Port Elgin. My Dad was loved and spoiled by his Mom and her sisters. We spent many summers there, enjoying the lake. Dad loved to swim. I also remember as kids Dad would get a family swim pass to the YMCA out on Hamilton Rd. and take us swimming every week..

My brother Jeff’s love for NASCAR came from Dad. Dad and his brother Bob loved to go to the races, (Bob raced his own cars for years) at Delaware Speedway and all over Ontario, New York, Michigan, and Ohio. I even have evidence (on 8mm film) of a memorable trip they had to the Indianapolis 500. Weekends in the summer were always filled with whatever race was on any particular weekend. Dad would also take us to live races at Delaware and I remember once in upstate New York.

Dad always helped others, and never asked for anything in return. He drove us everywhere as kids, and he still drove others around up until recently. He drove around my sister Cathy and one of his neighbors that lived in his building. Dad loved his Mom, so much. Maybe because his Dad died when he was young. Whatever the reason he took care of her until the day she died. I never heard him ever tell a lie and never be dishonest, ever. He loved my Mom and I don’t think he ever got over their marriage ending. To his last breath I don’t think he understood what want wrong. We all did, our parents are almost exact opposites. He wouldn’t throw anything away, and he kept piles of stuff everywhere. Mom would go nuts, and would throw out his treasures, (like year or two old newspapers.) Dad also was so laid back about everything, Mom… Not so much!!!  Dad loved life, and enjoyed all the little things that make one a happy person… (Like… anything that would make him laugh.)

We All Love You!!!

David A Teams



Has Social Media (Face Book/Twitter) Changed?

Do we only ask/accept friend requests from friends already… does this make sense, to anyone?  Social media seems to be same old story… (“I don’t know you, what is your problem? What do you want from me?”) How can we make new friends if we only speak to people we already know? What if we met someone profoundly intelligent? Would we know it, or care? Would having a friend like that be of some value to us?

Not everyone wants your money. Not everyone wants to have sex with you! Not everyone is good or bad… how can we know? Trust is not a healthy commodity anywhere. So why is it any better online?

In business we know that word of mouth is a powerful tool… Is it the same in life? I really think so. We have been to restaurants that have been recommended to us, and enjoyed our experience more often then when we choose a new place on our own. When a customer has a friend tell them about our businesses, and our products, it automatically brings credibility to us. Everyone enjoys the experience more; it becomes a win, win experience.

Maybe the answer to the question, “Has Social Media changed” is, yes. Some people are more trusting after time others are less. Human nature hasn’t changed and probably never will. Our experiences and mindsets make us change. Either our social circle grows or without growth, shrinks by a natures process. Does making new friends benefit us? Yes I would say so… I would also say we need this.

My recommendation would be – Be Nice, always! Make new friends. Ask for references from other friends… Be safe!  Be courageous too… The next person you meet may be…


David Teams


To Blog or Not to Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question… It seems that everyone has a blog any more. We all know we all have an opinion, so why is it that we would really want others to know our thoughts and minds on any specific issue? Why would we want to have others tell us what they think, of what we think? Do we need the attention, or desire the notoriety? I just bet that some of us do…

Our goal in this blog, is to bring awareness to our Pass it On Cards and let people know that, our goal at Pass it On cards is to help people be Nice to each other. We love to make people smile, and wish to help people feel better, and treat each other better. We have indicated before that we started with a simple “Thank You” card that is (Track-able) or able to be followed from person to person for…who knows how long. So anyway we use our blog to uplift others and make us all, better people… If a few words and thoughts can do that, wouldn’t that be awesome… I believe what Dr Wayne W. Dyer says that being Positive and a positive influence begets more positively. (Negativity works the same way but I do not wish to dwell on that.) We are working on our mission statement of Nice 2B Nice… So how are we doing?

Now it seems that, people come to our Blog just to put links to their blogs, or sell something to you. We find this strange but are honored that they think we are worth their efforts. We also know wisdom has it that any attention is good when promoting something, like our cards or this Blog. We would beseech anyone to let us know if the views here are not uplifting and positive… We will do our best to rectify the situation posthaste… Going back to the question I purposed at the first… The question – to blog or not to Blog?  I would say emphatically… At least for us…Yes, Do it!!!

David Teams… Pass It On Cards


Watching Over Me


Who is watching over me or us? Sometimes it is easy to tell. Maybe it is a parent, or a teacher, a friend or even your boss. (Yes some of us have good ones.) Other times it seems like, we are guided by a force or power from and unseen place. That saves us from ourselves, or someone, or something else. Like the hand of God reaches down and grabs us up like a mother cat picks up her kitten by the back of the neck to drags it to safety. Maybe it’s just me but it happens, I think to most if not all of us, some maybe more, others less. If we were really honest with ourselves we may just be able to identify a time or two like I’m describing.


OK you think this guy has lost it…Let me give you one small example from my life…

I was about 18 and I wanted and bought a motorcycle. Not a huge bike but fast enough and large enough, and best of all cheap enough for me at the time… I was a little intimidated by it. Today I would call it a healthy respect (in my wisdom.) My parents hated the thing as we had a close family friend almost die, and then almost crippled in a bad bike accident a few years previous. I was riding the silly thing on my way to work one afternoon, with weeks of experience… maybe a couple months. I was driving through an intersection of two fairly busy streets and a van made a left hand turn right in front of me… The next thing I remember I was driving my bike out the other side of the intersection. I looked back and realized some how we missed each other or maybe I’m really not here and haven’t been for years. (My guess is if you’re reading this we are all still alive.) So logic has it that I was able to maneuver my bike around the back of the van and squeak past him as he pulled in front of my bike… But I don’t remember it… At all!!!  I only remember driving out the other side of the intersection like I said before… I may have even… (Ok this even sounds silly to me) passed somehow through that van and emerged on the other side… Not logical but how is it I don’t remember?


OK is it a good example? Maybe not, but it is an example and there are others. I can just bet others have stories like this. Maybe they are not so life and death, but still stories of… dare I say it… Devine intervention!!! Who really is watching over us?


David Teams

Pass It On Cards


Being Happy, Being Me

To truly be happy you will need to read this blog!!!

Yes… I’m full of the smelly stuff that makes the roses grow. Make time for self… we are told to pay ourselves and save our money. We also need to pay ourselves with our time (time is money). We need time to be us… to do what we like when we like… We need to do what we want to do, say and be.  Maybe it is reading or writing or maybe music or art… whatever it is, do it!  A few years ago I worked  a full time job, on computers in an insurance company.  At night I refereed soccer in the summer and ice hockey in the winter. I would be our 6 or 7 nights a week. One night after work I had no games no work, I laid on the sofa and didn’t move . The phone was for me… A game (Hockey) was going to start soon and the ref was sick or hurt could I do it… No not tonight I have plans already… sorry!!! Yes plans are doing nothing sometimes… Time for self is important too.  So make plans for yourself soon.  No… is not that hard to say…

I also like to look at others and compare my (BLESSED) life to theirs…  Not judging them, observing others… If you think you have problems look around…. You may just feel blessed too!!!  Now we are feeling blessed it’s time to give back… Find someone that needs your help… small things big things whatever YOU LIKE!!! Then you will feel better about YOU, right away. Remember – “God doesn’t make junk.” and we are all children of God… Now prove it to yourself… you’ll be amazed.

One more Golden nugget that is so awesome and true, it is hard to believe… I am talking about, The Golden Rule… Yes treating others like you want  to be treated, and lets take that a little further. Treating others like you would treat your best friend, or Mother or maybe some famous person… With so much respect and honor…  Not that I do this, I am not that humble or maybe not that nice…. Even though I try… I have work to do too. But after all is said and done…  I like Being Me!!!

Thanks for Reading

David Teams


Forever is not long enough

When we love other people, and love to be around them, is forever long enough?  We love our children or our spouse, will one lifetime, be enough?. As a victim of divorce, I find it so awesome I was (we were) able to find each other, so soon after such tragic events played out in both our lives. (my wife Tanya was divorced too) We feel that there is no such thing as coincidences, and things will happen no matter what… So far in my mind this has never been disproved.  Working together in raising a family and building our businesses we find plenty of time to disagree… But the more chances there are to disagree the more we think alike… Yes very strange!!!  Risk taking is a synonym for business venture, and for our lives… Like the pioneers of old we are adventurers in the world of business.  Is it scary? Sure at times… but we do it together… Like Butch and Sundance jumping off the cliff together, we do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

So we are kindred spirits. We love each other and care for each other work with each other… fight sometimes, and grow together. Is one lifetime enough or is forever? NO and I’ll say it again … NO WAY!   Now we both feel this way (of course) So we will be together forever or until one of us get sick of the other… This is our choice, we choose this for many reasons, and the love we have is only one…. Our children is another. We love our children too, but someday they will find love like ours… (If we and they are so lucky) Some may say a love like ours is rare… I say my steaks are rare, our love is forever!!!

Is forever long enough?   Meatloaf might think so, but we think… forever is not long enough!!!

David Teams




Peace is an awesome thing

Peace is an awesome thing… I would that we all had it, in out hearts minds and souls… This world would be a better place… my only fear is, only good people desire it, treasure it, strive for it… Evil people, those who would try and stop this and us…You know what, and who I speak of…Do not want this… And we need to fight for what is right… Always!!! And for peace! For us, our families, friends, neighbors, all people… So now I have a dilemma… Fight for peace and whats right or do everything for peace, lie down and submit to those that conspire against us…

We fight for whats right, for happiness, for love, for family, for hope and faith, for Good!!!  We want to help everyone everywhere have inner peace, to truly be happy. We also want others to help us to show how awesome it is to be happy, and help others find that happiness themselves… Pass it on Cards is a very small part of showing others they have worth and we see their hard work and appreciate them… We started this all for that reason… Cards sales are not what we are  they are a byproduct of what we do.  Helping others and being kind is what we do!!!

David Teams

America The Beautiful… (Very Special)

“America, really is beautiful because of its uniqueness, and how special and unique we really are. Given us from God Himself… With all the rights and Responsibilities of a free people. I hope we all will remember this , now that we are being torn apart by evil.

“the prosperity of America depends on its Union…” John Jay / Glenn Beck  -  If this was relevant over 200 yrs ago just think how more relevant it is today. Other people, countries, religions, and even from within are tearing us apart… This because we are a great civilization of free people, with rights and freedoms only wished for since the foundation of governments….maybe even the world. Giving people freedom to choose for themselves what they will or may become is VERY special… and Not to be taken lightly . There is great responsibility in this. We may even use that freedom of choice to give away that freedom, how Sad would that be? Lets remember to keep the beauty of America and it’s uniqueness alive always in our hearts and even more important…in our laws and country… God Bless America.

David Teams

Another Day in Paradise, ( Attitude is Everything.)

Is this not the way we all feel sometimes?….   

For good or bad it always seems to be either. I wonder sometimes how our minds allow us to choose our feelings, or does it work another way?  I have noticed over the years that my Attitude changes my mind – and my mind changes my Attitude. ( back to the chicken or the egg  idea) So if ATTITUDE can be changed by “willing it” to change, we all should have perma-grins right?   OK, well some of us don’t understand that Attitude really is everything, lets exclude them… OK why are we still not SMILING? I get it, we really don’t believe that  ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!!

 I had a T-shirt once that said just that! “Attitude Is Everything” I wore that shirt completely out…    Now I have to just recall with a fondness the beautiful red… then pink… then holey pink T-shirt. (Anyway I digress) 

I believe that we all need pink t-shirts that say Attitude is Everything….  I think we don’t really believe the hype.  If we all Knew without a doubt in our minds, that we could change our piont of view, feelings, and even our outlook on life, don’t you think we would? OK Start today NOW!

It’s true!  It works and YOU can do it too!!! Just remember it really is Another Day In Paradise.

David A. Teams, Pass it On Cards

Is is even possible?

Sure if you are ready willing and want to be.  Being better means only being better.  Not Perfect!!!  Perfect is not even possible, is it?  So I choose to be happier and you for some reason find yourself not so happy about… Whatever!  What do you do???    You realize you’re not happy and change… Your Attitude!!!    NOW!!!    Others action can’t affect your own, if you don’ t let them, so don’t let them!!!!  Be the master of your own ship.  And drive it to a Happy Place…. (Thanks Happy Gilmore)

I have an Uncle Happy (true story) he was a big guy, he loved to eat.  Food made him more happy… Maybe not the best way to become more happy but the idea I like.   Do what makes you happy,  and  help others do the same.  You will be more  happy too!  Now that makes us all more happy… and have more friends… Others love positive happy people and love to be around them.

Thanks Love y’all


I just wanted to take a moment to wish all the Fathers out there a wonderful Fathers day!  Dads are such Blessings!!! 

My Dad is a wonderful man that has been more then a Father to me, he is my friend & I feel so blessed to have him as my Dad…   I also feel very blessed because of my Best Friend & Husband!  David is a fun loving, sweet man who is a loving and caring Dad to our chilldren…  They may not always realize how much he does & sacrifices for them – but I do…  I feel so blessed! 

I hope that all of you reading this feel just as blessed as I do by the wonderful men in your life… 

And to all of you wonderful Dads out there….  YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! 

Have a super great day! 

Tanya – admin

We all want to improve, get better even in small ways everyday. Some of us I think have given up on themselves maybe even life. It is sad to see, and it is all around us. We are trying to help people feel better about themselves, the idea of a small pocket size card was what we came up with… THANK YOU has great Power!  Even a little thank you will uplift someone a little, imagine if all of us would do this and to everyone that need to hear it!!!

We have added other cards now to help people say nice things, when thank you is not appropriate. We enjoyed giving out cards so much, we had to add more cards. We have had such great feedback that we had no choice but add other cards to our “arsenal of niceness” (OK I just made that up)

With all the cards we have now I still like the simple Thank You best. Making people better people is  our goal, and our way of life,  Man have things already changed for us… Things are getting better everyday…



We thought it would be Nice 2B Nice. So we invented a card to give to…everyone!!! Then we made it small, so we could take it anywhere. We then decided to make it track-able. Then it got cool!!! Being nice got easy, fun, and leading edge. HERE”S How It Works… When you get a card you register it. and give it out (tell whoever you give it to what to do…we are very NEW) Then follow it as it moves… With any good luck you will tell us your stores of where and how they got the card and a little about yourself… HAVE FUN AND BE NICE!!!


Chad Wade & Justin Yates – Making a difference 

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday June 1st, two of our friends were killed in a plane crash in Wendover Utah.  I just wanted to take a moment to say that Great Men Never really Die – They Live On FOREVER in the lives of everyone who they have touched…  These two men were Amazing Leaders and helped thousands of people to reach for their dreams…  Including us…  They both were great Family Men.  Warm thoughts & prayers go out to both of their families…  May they find peace in the memories… 

In Memory of two Amazing Men ——-  Chad Wade & Justin Yates… 

So remember to take an extra minute to hold the ones you love close…  Life is so fragile…  Love is Forever… 

To see a small sample of the impact that these two men have had in the world – please take a moment to watch the attached video clip…  Like I said~ Great Men Never Die!  They Live On Forever in the Lives of Every Person they Have Touched!!!!   

- Tanya (Admin)